Talkin' Jazz

Talkin’ Jazz is a community for young jazz musicians to meet, learn and play.


Talkin' Jazz provides access to a selection of core and group charts for each Jam Session. The list of these is found below. If you have little jazz music experience, these classic jazz standards are an essential part of the jazz repertoire and a great place to start. Download these, practise these and you'll feel more comfortable at your next Jam Session. We also have copies of the Jazz Real Books, in all keys, at every Jam Session. These are books containing a very large list of jazz repertoire. 

Each Jam Session we'll be focusing on one group chart. Don't worry though, you'll be playing much more than just this at the Jam Sessions. There are charts for C, Bb, Eb and Bass instruments below as well as lyrics to some of the songs for vocalists. Drummers, download the C chart and practice playing along with the song.

A really important part of learning this repertoire, and the language of jazz in general, is through listening. Listening to classic examples of these tunes teaches you how they sounded originally. Listening to other or more modern arrangements might show you some alternative ways to approach this music. Each chart below includes the original composer or performer. 

If there are other songs you'd like to play, please let us know. 

Charts for jam sessions

To download charts from our Dropbox, please click here. Each song has three or four charts for instruments in different keys. 

The list of jam session charts for 2018 is below:

Jam Session 1: It Could Happen to You                                Jam Session 8: Ornithology/How High The Moon
Jam Session 2: Walkin'                                                            Jam Session 9: Strasbourg St Denis
Jam Session 3: Stars Fell on Alabama                                  Jam Session 10: Solar
Jam Session 4: Recordame                                                    Jam Session 11: Softly As In A Morning Sunrise
Jam Session 5: Mercy Mercy Mercy                                      Jam Session 12: Surrey With A Fringe On Top
Jam Session 6: Can't We Be Friends                                     Jam Session 13: Skylark
Jam Session 7: Blue Seven                                                     Jam Session 14: Yardbird Suite

We also have a Jam Session Core Charts folder which contains well-known standards that have simpler melodies and chord progressions for players who are newer to playing jazz. This folder will be updated regularly and is available at the Jazz Club during Jam Sessions.

Talkin’ Jazz is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.