Talkin' Jazz

Talkin’ Jazz is a community for young jazz musicians to meet, learn and play.

jam sessions


Jam Sessions are a large part of jazz culture and allow musicians to meet new players and learn new music.

The Jam Sessions are run at the Brisbane Jazz Club on fortnightly Saturday mornings facilitated by our program teachers. They are open to high-school students only. 

Students don’t need to have jazz experience but do need to be able to play their instrument and love music!

"I feel completely comfortable to play in front of the people at Talkin' Jazz because everyone is supportive."

Each fortnight we will learn a group chart, available to download on our Resources page. This will allow everyone to get up and have a play. But we will also have the Jazz Real Books available for students to look through for other tunes to call. 

One of the best parts of the Jam Sessions is meeting other musicians and playing with them. This is a great way to learn new repertoire as well. If there are some other songs you'd like to play, that aren't on our list, please let us know and let your fellow musicians know too so they can learn them for the next Jam Session.

"The jam sessions are extremely fun and a great way to improve my playing."

Fortnightly Saturdays, beginning Feb 16.
9am - 11am

2019 Jam Session dates
Feb: 16 July: 20
Mar: 2, 16, 30 AUG: 3, 17, 31
April: 27 Sept: 14
May: 11, 25 Oct: 12
June: 8, 22

Trumpet solo, 2016 Jam Session.

Trumpet solo, 2016 Jam Session.

Students arriving for their first Jam Session must bring a registration form signed by their parents or guardians. Registration forms are found here. These can be emailed to us or brought in to the first Jam Session.

Talkin' Jazz will provide drum kit, cymbals, microphones and amps. Other instruments need to be provided by the students. Please note, the Brisbane Jazz Club or Talkin’ Jazz do not take responsibility for your instrument while attending the Jam Sessions, Big Band or the Workshops.

Sheet music will be available free of charge at the jam sessions but students can bring their own charts too. We encourage musicians to collaborate and work on new tunes together.

The Jam Sessions are not open to the public and they are for students only. While we appreciate the support and interest of parents, the Jam Session space is exclusively for the students.

"[The Jam Sessions are] laidback and good fun, but it still challenges and pushes you to play to your potential."

Talkin’ Jazz is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.