Talkin' Jazz

Talkin’ Jazz is a community for young jazz musicians to meet, learn and play.


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How much does it cost?
The Jam Sessions cost $10 each, this is to be paid to the Brisbane Jazz Club on arrival to the club.

What happens at the Jam Sessions?
Jam Sessions have long been a part of the culture of jazz music and are an opportunity for performers to come together and play and share the language of jazz music. Our Jam Sessions will be a relaxed and fun fortnightly event where students will get the chance to meet new musicians, as well as the program teachers and perform together. If you have little experience with jazz but are interested, the Jam Sessions are a great way to test the water. 

Jam Sessions focus mostly on performance and playing music that has been chosen by the musicians or the teachers. There is an educational focus to these Jam Sessions as well and our teachers are there to offer advice, ideas and share their experience in this music.

When are the Jam Sessions?
The Jam Sessions run fortnightly on Saturday mornings, 9 - 11am. Check the date page for details. 

Do I need to perform at the Jam Sessions?
No, you do not need to perform. We encourage you to be as involved as you feel comfortable being. We will be aiming to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere without the worry of competition but we understand not everyone will be comfortable getting on stage and performing. Part of being involved in a Jam Session is listening, learning and sharing this music.

In regards to soloing, the teachers running the Jam Sessions will ask all participants who would like to solo before any song commences. The Jam Sessions will be a highly creative experience but we will not ask you to perform anything you aren’t comfortable with.

Do I need to know any jazz music for the Jam Sessions?
It is not a requirement but we recommend that all students who attend the Jam Sessions have some knowledge of a few jazz standards. While you don’t need to be Charlie Parker or Miles Davis, knowing some 12 bar blues melodies or other standards will mean you can perform and enjoy the Jam Sessions fully. We will be uploading some jazz standards to our Resources page on the webpage for you to learn and we encourage you to learn at least one of these with your private or high-school teacher. This means we can ask students who know these songs to get up and perform. We also strongly encourage you to track down audio examples of these songs.

Do I need to know how to solo or improvise?
No. While improvising is a large part of jazz music this skill takes a long time to feel comfortable with. We encourage everyone to have a go but if you only feel comfortable playing the melody, that’s all you’ll need to do. Songs like 12-bar blues are a great place to start learning. Programs like Band in a box, or iReal-pro and the Jamie Abersold play-alongs can provide you with a rhythm section to play along with at home. You can record yourself and listen back to your solos.

Do I need to bring my instrument?
The Jazz Club has a grand piano, drum-kit and cymbals, vocal mics, bass and guitar amps and a P.A. If you play piano or drums or sing, you won’t have to bring an instrument or microphone. Vocalists may want to bring their own microphone, and drummers their own sticks. If you play any other instrument you will need to bring that. Please note, the Brisbane Jazz Club or Talkin’ Jazz do not take responsibility for your instrument while attending the Jam Sessions, Big Band or the Performance Workshops, that is up to you.

Will I learn how to play my instrument?
No. The Jam Sessions are not designed to teach you how to play your instrument, you need to know how to do that already. However you do need to have a basic understanding of your instrument. We fully expect there to be a range of experience and ability and that is what makes Jam Sessions so special, learning from and inspiring other musicians.

Where is the Brisbane Jazz Club?
The Brisbane Jazz Club is at 1 Annie St. Kangaroo Point. It is easily accessible via public transport with the Holman St Ferry stop a very short walk away from the club.

Talkin’ Jazz is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.