Talkin' Jazz

Talkin’ Jazz is a community for young jazz musicians to meet, learn and play.

big band

The Big Band era is one of the most well-known and best loved eras of Jazz. Great bandleaders and musicians like Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Woody Herman created some of the most incredible music in jazz history and helped to propel this then burgeoning art-form further into popularity.

The Big Band is directed by Talkin' Jazz teachers Dan Hirsch and Euan Cumming, with support from visiting musicians and composers. The Talkin' Jazz Big Band provides students with a fantastic opportunity to play some great charts, and learn from some of the best musicians and Big Band directors. The Big Band is the most challenging aspect of the Talkin’ Jazz Program.

The Big Band already has a range of performances booked for 2019. 

"I enjoyed spending time with the people there and playing music with them. The setting isn't stressful and doesn't make me nervous and I really like the charts we're playing."

"The Big Band allows kids from around Brisbane to interact with the artists who come and sit in. I think it's definitely useful because it allows us to see people who have experience within the fields that most of us are interested in."


The Big Band rehearses at the Brisbane Jazz Club on Wednesday afternoons.
Rehearsals run from 5.30pm - 7.00pm. Students must be ready to play by 5.30pm and should arrive in time. The club will be open from 4.45pm.

  • Students must have Big Band experience, a strong technical grasp of their instrument and not be afraid to improvise.

  • Music will be provided to all students at no extra cost.

  • The Big Band will offer up to 17 places; the traditional size of a Big Band.

  • The Big Band is for instrumentalists only. No vocalists.

  • The Big Band will not be auditioned at this time. Expressions of interest are encouraged via email and interested applicants are strongly encouraged to attend the Talkin' Jazz Jam Sessions.

  • Parents are very welcome to stay at the Brisbane Jazz Club during rehearsals or can pick their students up at the end of the rehearsal.

"I highly enjoyed the community it developed on top of the Jam Session community and enjoyed how professional every person sounded!"

Talkin' Jazz and the Brisbane Jazz Club thank students and parents to be mindful of noise when leaving the club so as not to disturb the BJC's neighbours.

Please note, the Brisbane Jazz Club or Talkin’ Jazz do not take responsibility for your instrument while attending the Jam Sessions, Big Band or the Workshops.

Below is the video of our debut performance at the Brisbane Jazz Club. 

Talkin’ Jazz is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.